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Felt Wool Blend

Beautiful and soft Merino Wool felt. 35% Wool and 65% Rayon with some 20% Wool and 80% Rayon.
See individual shades for more details.

Natural Fibers. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states that a “natural fiber” refers to any fiber that exists as such in the natural state. That includes fibers from plant sources and animal sources, of which wool is the most popular. National Nonwovens uses wool from the Merino breed of sheep in all its WoolFelt® product lines. Merino wool is regarded the finest according to strict industry standards because it has a luxurious softness compared to coarser grades of wool.

Designed for easy sewing and accurate cutting, it's universally popular as a crafting medium and the uses are endless ... Tutu Dresses, Decorations, Ornaments, Appliqué, Cushions and much more!

Price per 1/2 metre. Width 36" (92cms)

Approximately 1.5mm thick.

Stunning colours.

Safety Testing: This material conforms to EN71-2 (flammability) and EN71-3 (migration of certain elements.
Not recommended for use on headwear. Safe to use for toys.